This procedure has been created to allow any member of the Sangat to raise a legitimate complaint about issues relating to the effective running of or proper conduct at the Gurdwara.

Any complaint will be taken seriously. Suggestions for the effective running of the Gurdwara should not be lodged as a formal complaint.

Lodging a Complaint

A complaint can be lodged verbally with the General Secretary, by email to or in writing via the Suggestion Box within the foyer of the Gurdwara.

If the Mukh Sevadaar cannot be contacted in a reasonable time-frame, any other Committee member may be contacted (see separate list for Committee member details or go to Any email sent will only be viewed by a Committee member.

Complaint Procedure

Step 1

Your complaint should, in the first instance, be raised with the General Secretary. The General Secretary (or designee in his absence) will consider the nature and seriousness of the complaint and decide the appropriate course of action. The General Secretary will inform you of the action/s to be taken within no more than 7 days of receipt of your complaint. The General Secretary will also determine whether the complaint needs to be resolved by the Gurdwara Committee.

Step 2

If you feel that the General Secretary did not adequately address your complaint and the complaint was not referred to the Committee, you should then raise the complaint directly with the Committee President. The President will endeavour to address the complaint within 7 days of receipt. You may request to address the President directly about your complaint. An ad hoc Committee meeting to discuss the complaint may be convened if deemed appropriate by the Committee.

Where a complaint does not proceed to the Committee for resolution, the General Secretary will raise the complaint to the Committee for notification.

Step 3

If, after discussing the complaint with the General Secretary (or designee) and with the President, you are still dissatisfied with the outcome you should then raise your complaint with the Gurdwara Trustees. Pending the outcome with the Trustees, you may also choose to address the Sangat directly about your complaint. The Committee should first be notified of such actions.

Confidentiality and Recording of a Complaint

The Committee will, via the General Secretary or designee, be notified of all complaints. Any complaint received will be treated confidentially. Complaints will only be communicated outside of the Committee if deemed appropriate for resolution of the complaint. The complainant will be notified before progressing a complaint outside the Committee. In agreement with the complainant, the Committee may consider it appropriate to record a complaint in the Minutes of a Committee meeting.